Kia Stewart


This past October I sat down again with the beautiful, magnanimous singer-songwriter, recording artist and performer KIA STEWART. 

Kia will soon release her forthcoming project, “Anywhere You Are,” on Honeycomb Music, under the production of Grammy-nominated Josh Milan, the legendary singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, remixer, and CEO of Honeycomb Music.

Kia has already released huge dance floor jams on the Honeycomb Music label– notably her records “Winner” and “He Still Loves Me,” which are part of her stirring debut EP, ELATION, released in 2017. These records are still on rotation all over the world by celebrated DJ’s Louie Vega, Joaquin “Joe” Claussell, DJ Spinna, Jihad Muhammad, and so many others. 

Kia, who is truly an Artist’s Artist, chatted with me about her ELATION EP, working with producers Mark Francis and Honeycomb’s Josh Milan, her annual One Night Only event, her forthcoming Honeycomb release, her work ethic and brand, and her newest passion for acting, which provided her with the opportunity to play the part of the iconic Nina Simone. 

Kia is truly an amazing lady with so many talents to share with the world. Her zest for life, love for family and friends, dedication to her artistry, and fearless approach to the unknown is truly unmatched. And I have to mention her infectious laugh, which lights up whatever space she is in! 

Please enjoy and share our interview! 

And look for Kia Stewart’s next release, “Anywhere You Are,” coming very soon on Honeycomb Music… via 

December 2019

Bierwax, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

And here’s my April 2017 Interview with Kia…

Link: Honeycomb Artist Spotlight: Kia Stewart — Elation EP

Interview by Amanda Frontany